Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Spring

 Beautiful Things


Fall 2010

Sometimes I find myslef dreaming of fall... Why? I love the fall!! I love the colors, halloween, the smell of harvest and pumpkin pie!! But sense we still are a good few months from that (thank heavens) these pictures will get me by :) These below are a few of my favorite from last year in Logan Canyon.. Nothing is more beautiful then fall colors!!

This cute little guy ate a granola bar from my hands!

Summerfest 2011

Here are both of my pictures hanging up in the booth. It was so nerve racking to do this, but I'm glad I did. It was really great! Levi Sim does a great job putting this one and making it so relaxing to do. I'm gratefull for the expeirence. I didnt recieve any ribbions, but thats okay there is always next year!! I think they look great framed ;)

"Summertime Farm"

"Dancing Flowers"

This year I decided to enter my pictures in the Silent Auction for Summerfest here in CacheValley. The rules are you can only enter photos you took between the dates June 13th-15th and have them framed and entered by 2pm June 15th.... I took both these pictures on the 13th. We had some amazing cloud coverage I was able to capture..

Its my first time so I'm not expecting anything. But it was just exciting to do that. I have Amy Jensen to thank for you all her encouragement and inspiration that she has given me.
I'm still learning so much about photography right now. I enjoy it very much and love to share some pictures! So please leave feedback and let me know what you think too!!

~ If you are intrested in purchasing any of these prints (matted and framed) they are available to purchase in any size!!

ps~ I will add photos from the booth tonight!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cowboys in the Making

This is my little cowboy Keplar!! We were out branding one weekend and his job was to keep the mother cows away from the babies being branded. Its incredible that he could be so fearless on a horse like that! And amazing how much my children are like me :)

I put this collage together for my nephew. When we were out branding and I had all these pictures of him with the rope I thought would be fun to make something with!!
Then of course the "real" cowboy, my dad!!! My dad taught me everything that I know about training and ridding horses. Both my parents instilled a love for horses in me. This picture was taken on our summer ride last year in out in Sand Creek in St. Anthony, Idaho where I grew up. Happy Father's day dad!!