Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mortensen Wedding {Idaho, Utah Wedding Photographer}

This summer I had the honor of documenting the wedding of a sweet girl I have loved for so many years. I have watched her grow up from a girl to a beautiful woman over the years and am So proud of who she has become. Tayla and Jaron's Western Wedding was sooo fitting for both of them! Every detail was perfect for this rustic western theme.. Congratulations to you both and I know you two will have many happy memories together!!
<3 <3 <3
To view the whole wedding reception for Tayla and Jaron click here
Engagement Session here
Groomal Session here 

Dane, Sky View Senior Class of 2014 {Logan Utah Senior Portrait Photographer}

May is a busy time of year especially with High School Seniors.. Some of my favorite sessions are working with these seniors. It's very nostalgic when I do these sessions it sends me back to the excitement of my own high school graduation. I can't believe how fast 11 years have flown by.. wow I sound old!! haha.. Nonetheless Dane is like thousand other young adults, he is at the the threshold  of a new beginning, the beginning of adulthood. Many have plans others simply go with the flow. Dane, however has his path laid out for him already. His high school years were full of life, fun, football, and weightlifting. Those were the things that shaped this awesome guy into the young man he is today and adult he will be tomorrow.. I'm grateful to share in this part of people's lives they are truly thrilling!!

Thank you Dane and Janet for the fun times!