Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bishop Family {Idaho Falls, Idaho, Family, Children, Couples, Portaits, Photograper}

Memorial day weekend was actually surprisingly very nice for a weekend in Idaho. It usually snows and the wind blows. Well not this year! I had a very nice time visiting my brother's graves and other relatives. I was even fortunate enough to get some great photos of the Bishop Family. My sis-inlaw bought them a gift certificate from me for a family session... How nice huh!! pst.... they do make the perfect gifts!!! So now that the weather had been clearing up an I as able to break away and do a some shooting I took full adavantage! I had a great time with this cute fun family!
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reese Family in Springtime! {Cache Valley, Family, Children, Portraits}

May was so beautiful in Cache Valley this year. The grass green and the flowers as beautiful as ever! It was the perfect setting for this family session. Better yet is that this family I have only known for a year I have cherished every minute of it. My friend Elizabeth skipped through my life it seems just in a blink of an eye. Her husband already left to Arizona before we took these pictures, but she wanted to get some with her sweet babies before she left. So we got them done! She really was a great blessing to my life and a great Massage therapist too :) Although she passed through my life quickly she left a huge imprint on my heart!! I'm so grateful I got the opportunity to meet such a beautiful lady and a special friend! Have you ever had that happen?? :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rodeo Season {Cache Valley Rodeo Queen Photographer}

Rodeo season is in full swing and so are the Queen contest. Queen Contest you say? Yup!! Growing up I practically lived on my horses. My dad was a rancher for quite a few years before they ended up settling in Eastern Idaho. One year at my local hometown Rodeo for the 24th of July Celebration I was watching grand entry and saw these pretty girls come out on horse... The Queens.. I asked my mom about them and she told me. Right then and there I told her I wanted to be a queen. From that point on my parents supported, and encouraged me to live my dreams. I loved to Rodeo Queen. My summers were field with Queen Contests, horse training and working. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing! Now I get the opportunity to help the local girls with Queening and I get to integrate my once loved passion to my new passion now. Photography it is!! Taking pictures of these beautiful girls and coaching them are just the icing on the cake!!

Congratulations to all the girls this year on their wins! Have fun at your Rodeo's and be safe!!! Thank you to Kristan Jo Earl for the Lewiston 4th of July Rodeo & Races Contest and Patti Andrae for the Hyrum Star Spangled Rodeo, for having me take pictures of their beautiful queens!! I have been busy these last few days getting their Autograph sheets put together and to the printers for their big days.

Here are a few from this year.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Change of web Address!!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to make you all aware that I CHANGED my web address!! If you go to my old address it won't be there so make sure you go to now!!! And my facebook address has changed also its now

However my official business name is still Shooting Star Photography, I was just wanted my addresses to match :)

Happy Monday everyone!!

=) Love, Mandy

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mallory, 2013 Senior {2013 Senior, Sky View High School, Portrait, Cache Valley Photographer}

How is it that I always end up with the most incredible clients? I mean really I do! Mallory was a blast to work with! Her sister had her cracking up the whole time. My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling with these girls! It was an honor to capture this special moment in time for Mallory. She graduated last week from Sky View high school. Now the wide open world lies a head for her.

I want to add in my quick thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Joni Pitcher  for coming along and helping me with the reflector for this session. It was wonderful to have extra light. Thanks Joni!! I love light and its amazing how much difference a reflector can make ! Enough rambling form me... Congratulations Mallory on your high school Graduation!!