Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tractors and Truck

One thing that is so unique around Rexburg is you can always find the coolest stuff out in the fields or around the rivers. When the Teton Dam broke it made a massive mess of machinery and junk around. But they are great to photograph. This truck is one of those down by the Noth Teton Fork river.

Aww.. the life of a farmer. I got this pictures just as the sun was setting. Sense my father in-law waits to bale at dusk and way in to the early hours of the morning I have the best chance to capture this in the dusk. It's amazing how much my husband is like his father. They both thrive for harvest time. Nothing like the farm can ignite excitement in them the way farming does..

I love this picture!! This is Adam out stacking hay on the farm.. I love the blur sillouhete around him..