Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow, Trucks, and Bridges {Logan Utah Wedding Photographer}

It's getting to be that time a year again! You got it Wedding bells are ringing!! Over the holidays thousands of people get engaged and each and every moment of those engagements are just as special and unique as everyone else.. How fortunate for me as a photographer I get to be apart of this important event. Each and every single wedding is just as exciting as the first for me. The details are my favorite as they portray the bride and groom. First before any of that comes the engagement pictures! This session is just the starting of the "Big Day" and honestly one of my favorite sessions to photograph. When I sit down and meet with my couples I get as excited as they it's so adorable to see the bride and groom interacting with each other, stealing glances,smiling, and hopelessly in love.. :) (I'll admit it I love a good love story,)

SO after meeting with Sarah and John I knew their engagement session was going to be great! I for some odd reason even got nervous the day of!! haha.... I guess when you are on your game you can even get nervous ;) It was a cold, bright, sunny day in January in Cache Valley. That meant we were hoping that the inversion was not going to be to thick and hoped that some sun would be present. We couldn't have gotten better weather either. It was only a mere 18 degrees but luckily the sun made up for it. I love the sun and the light it creates and I was one happy girl when it would present it self at the most perfect times. John and Sarah were more then happy to keep each other warm during their session and I must say we ended up with some pretty amazing shots!! :)) I loved our locations too..  Seriously it was so hard to chose which pictures to post that I may have over done it a I don't mind if you don't! I hope you enjoy these pictures I have a few personal favorites that I absolutely LOVE and I'm so happy to share them with you.. :))

Beautiful Ring! 

Cupid struck!! It must be love ;)

Seriously?!?! Don't they make a stunning couple!!! 

I Love You