Friday, January 24, 2014

The Selfie { Wedding, Family, Child Photographer Cache Valley Utah}

Alright girls and gals lets talk about... the Selfie! We have all seen those "selfies" all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. WE LOVE SELFIES!!! Right??? Lets be honest some we see scare us!! Yes even our own!  haha... How many times have you taken that self portrait and think {" aw man man, my nose looks big." or "what was that look!"} How many times do you tell your self {"I'm looking good today!"}?? I'm sure those come less frequently.. I ran across this video today and I couldn't help but share it! Personally I have a few "selfies" that are my favorite and some not so much.. ;) After watching this I couldn't help but wonder what my little girl is going to think of her "selfie" in another 6 years down the road. Will she see the beautiful young women with the bright, vivacious brown eyes I do? OR will it be all her insecurities staring her in the face? (hopefully not the latter) We are pretty harsh on our selves as women.  Although, I am not perfect I do try insanely hard to not put my self down in front of my daughter. It's amazing how much they watch us and look to us and watch every single move we make! 

  More often then not when I'm about to do a session I have someone say (generally a woman), I never look good in pictures.. WELL that is not true! It breaks my heart to hear that, but I have been there and have felt the exact same way... I love being able to show these women how beautiful they are, and the way I see them through my lens!! They are all so beautiful and so are YOU!!!

NOW, What I really want to do is have all of you watch this video and then send me your "selfies"! Send those beautiful pictures to I want to celebrate how uniquely different and beautiful each and everyone of you are. As I receive them I will post them on here.. If you wish to remain anonymous you will ;) I promise. Remember to share the LOVE and leave some comments for these beauties! 

My "Selfie" taken today :) 

My sweet Girly and I together :) 

My daughters' "Selfie" I found on my phone taken last September. 

Another selfie my daughter took this last year :)... I love my girly! 
My Beautiful Sister, Bobbi! 

She sent me this selfie of us two together :) 

My beautiful niece sharing a special message to her mother. 

My Niece :) 

Hey little boy selfies are the cutest too!!! 

And this was her selfie yesterday. I can almost always find new ones on the iPad and they make my heart so happy because I think she takes pics of her self because she knows she beautiful. Even after she just got done eating a sucker that made her lips look massively outlined ;) I hope I've helped teach her to see her beauty in anyway! -Bobbi

Sisters are best, and so are nieces!! 

My other amazingly beautiful sister, Amy!! 

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