Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hungarian Komondor (Puppy Steps Training) {Logan UT Animal/Pet Portraits}

Growing up we always had horse, dogs, cats, pet worms, and germs..(uhh I'd rather not say!). I myself am quite fond of these cute little animals. As I grew up, got married, moved into apartment after apartment where we would rather not have inside animals, it wasn't until last year when we moved in our house that I (we) okay me! realized how much joy a pet can bring to your life. So what did I do.. Mom and dad had some kittens and I thought it would be a great suprise for my kids and my husband..haha.. he didn't however.. to get two of the kittens!! And yes we ALL love them even if I was in hot water for a while after they came to live with us. So after having them for 16 months they have both had a total of 24 kittens! and are pregnant again :) (they have all gone to very loving homes) as will the next litters.. and lots of loves later, we know it wouldn't be the same without them!! Animals really are marvelous. They can calm our nerves, releave anxiety, and just be there to snuggle on and talk to when you need an ear to listen and not talk back!! haha.... And better yet I get to play with all these cute puppies and call it work ;) Perfect job for me!!
Head on over to www.puppystepstraining.com and see all these cute puppies!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maddie "Beautiful Mother" {Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer}

We mothers all know how extremely hard it is to feel beautiful while pregnant. Guess what ladies, You are very beautiful!! Mothers are the greatest gift given to us all!!