Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppies and more Puppies

Among my many specialties in photography I also do animal portraits! I love it! I love working with people and hearing their amazing stories, but something about being on the ground and playing with these cuties makes me happy and relaxed. These cuties are only 6 of 23 that I have taken portraits of this year. Why so many you ask? Well these guys aren't just getting their photos taken for the heck of it, they are being trained by Puppy Steps Training (see website here) for new loving homes. Some of these puppies will be companion dogs, hunters, or even disability dogs. By the time they get to Puppy Steps training their blood lines have been screened and re-screened for this select training facility.  So at this point this is where I come in. I get to be the one who gets to do their portraits to be placed on their website for others to view who are looking for these specific dogs!!

I have loved working with the trainers there and love getting to play with these puppies while I work. And yes, they do have puppy breath!!

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