Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steel Wool in Winter

So what do you do in the winter time when all the world is cold??? You go out and do steel wool painting of course!! No fire hazard here either! Light painting is alot of fun but what is better is the company with you. January was cold like -17 ferinheit this night but that didn't stop us avid photogs from the heading out for some winter colors. So how do you make these type of images? First of all you need a tripod, wireless remote, steel wool, battery, and a rope with a beater tied to the end, and of course your favorite DSLR camera (canon for me!) Put your setting on manul clear to bulb for long exposures and this is what you get! Beautiful isn't it? and alot of fun!!

I changed colors in lightroom because I wanted to see what it looked like and I really like it!
Happy winter enjoy it while you can!!!

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