Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reese Family in Springtime! {Cache Valley, Family, Children, Portraits}

May was so beautiful in Cache Valley this year. The grass green and the flowers as beautiful as ever! It was the perfect setting for this family session. Better yet is that this family I have only known for a year I have cherished every minute of it. My friend Elizabeth skipped through my life it seems just in a blink of an eye. Her husband already left to Arizona before we took these pictures, but she wanted to get some with her sweet babies before she left. So we got them done! She really was a great blessing to my life and a great Massage therapist too :) Although she passed through my life quickly she left a huge imprint on my heart!! I'm so grateful I got the opportunity to meet such a beautiful lady and a special friend! Have you ever had that happen?? :)

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