Thursday, November 28, 2013

Barton Family {Cache Valley Family, Children, Couples Photographer}

It's easy to see why Kirsten and Rob have such beautiful children! Not to mention how incredibly fun they are to be with! We had a great evening together eventually even little miss Ellie warmed up to me and I had her all sorts of giggly as well. This family is just one of the many I get to work with and I'm always so privileged to do so.

Families are something rather special to myself as I know they are to most everyone else.  As I'm sitting her writing this post on Thanksgiving day I can't help but to reflect on my own family. This year my husband has been gone to Afghanistan serving his third deployment. It was supposed to be a year deployment that thankfully turned into to only 7 months!! We got him home on his Birthday earlier this month. :) Needless to say I' m one incredibly happy woman to have my whole family gathered around me for the Holidays. Especially grateful for my husband and his service to our country. All my thanks must be given to my Heavenly Father firstly, because he has yet again preserved Adam's life and has allowed for him to return home to us. I know their are many families of those who have served where they have empty chairs at their tables because they gave all for our freedom my heart is full of love, sorrow, and admiration for them. America is a great place to live for me, and I know others feel the same way about their homelands. I'm so grateful for having all that I do and especially being able to continue to grow my talents, meet many new people weekly, and delight in my good life because of the blessing I receive from a loving Heavenly Father. 

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all be safe and have a wonderful day!! :) 

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  1. So thankful for YOU and your talents and also for your husband and his service! I feel blessed to have had the chance to get to know you! THANKS....again. :)