Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Birthday Boy!! :) {Logan Utah, Family, Children, Wedding Photographer}

I can't believe my little boy is now 10 years old!! He is my little buddy, daddy's mini me, and his little sisters' best friend. Keplar amazes me for how caring he is, smart, hilariously funny, witty, kind, loving, athletic, cheerful, close to the spirit, loves animals and stuffed animals, and for being 10 he has the soul of a wise old man. Oh and he most definitely is into Star Wars right now! As you can see Luke and Darth Vader are about to commence in their epic battle. :) 
This is my Joy!! 
So unlike the "traditional" birthday cakes of putting the same amount of candles on for how old you are that year, I put on as many as I can! You only get one birthday a year so why not load it up with candles and blow them all out!! Right!!! So FUN! My kids look forward to it every year. I'm just happy I remembered to grab my camera and take some pics! 

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