Monday, August 31, 2015

My Birthday Girl ~ It's Great to be 8!

It feels like yesterday I was bringing home my sweet baby girl from the hospital. She was always so smiley earning her first nickname of "Smiley Kyly" She had a full head of long dark hair with blonde tips. The nurses loved to play with it. It was different every time they brought me to her. Still eight years later she is just as smiley and sweet. Kyly got to start her birthday fun a day early when her Aunt Chantelle came to stay and spoil her for her birthday. We had fun doing a puzzle, playing games, dining, and shopping which we love our new shoes! :) Then on the morning of the 18th Kyly chose to have waffles for breakfast. Our plans were slightly interrupted because the local pool started closing early so we couldn't go swimming (booo)! However we made do. She got to have a small birthday party with her friend Brooklyn and one later that night with the family and friends. 
Now that she is eight she gets to attends Achievement Days with the other 8-11 year old girls in our ward and was so excited she got to go to her first one on her BIRTHDAY!!! 

 Love our Shoes :))

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