Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carter Family {Eastern Idaho and Utah Family Photographer}

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet family and that every time I'm with them it makes me miss them more! I have many memories of Jenny and growing up with her most of them were how much I adored her and her sister Katie Jo. Then magically we ended up working together and our friendship became more than just childhood playmates. She literally was my lifesaver through my first pregnancy and would stop every morning just to pick me up and sonic limeade on the way to work.. (still love you for that Jen!) hehehe... Now our kids get to play together and they are like peas in a pod! I love being with her super cute family too. Kade is always the best and so willing for picture time. He even loves to sport the coolest Sombrero EVER!!! Although I know they called it something else but I can't think of the name. :)  

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