Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dodds Family | Green Canyon {Logan Utah Family and Child Photographer}

Despite the all of a sudden change in weather and the little snow that started to fall I LOVE how these turned out, and more so than anything this amazing family did a great job. Without the help of a great mutual friend Lila, this would not have been possible. (Thank you Lila for driving and helping during their session! Love you!) 
Over the last few years I have gotten to know Chris and Brandi pretty well. One thing that you cannot tell in picture is that both Brandi and Chris are vision impaired. Brandi with total loss in vision and Chris still legally blind does still have minimal eyesight.  Regardless of that limitation these two conquer the world and have created this beautiful family. Brandi has taught so much about life and how to laugh at myself when needed :P 
Being a mother has been one of the hardest callings in my life! I am totally at awe watching Brandi mother her children. No words can describe how incredible AMAZING she is!! Chris himself hasn't let his vision stop him from chasing his dreams. He played on the 2008 USA Men's Paralympics Goalball team in Bejing and is currently training for a hopeful spot on the team going to Rio. They never cease to amaze me! How many of us have accomplished half as much?!? I know not me! Between our many fun talks about mismatched socks and colored towels in the whites..hahaha. Brandi has grown to be a close friend and teacher to me. 
Last but not least are their beautiful daughters! It is no small task being asked so much of at a young age, but these two daughters have shoulder the responsibility astoundingly! This year they welcomed another darling girl to their family and they are all in love with miss B. Her laughs and smile are contagious and her whole body shakes when she laughs! 
When I think of this family I can't help but tear up and think of them as the most amazing people I know. Never once have I heard them complain or be mad, they just face everyday like everyone else. 

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