Saturday, January 23, 2016

Let Them Be Little | My Kids {Logan Utah Family and Children Photographer}

Today started out just like any normal day, breakfast, exercise, clean house, lunch and of course a afternoon photoshoot with another awesome family. I knew we were going up to one of my favorite spots at Beaver Mountain and thought if luck were on my side I could get some pictures of my kids.... Well yeah not so much! The ugly mom even came out begging for my son to just coperate and take a few pictures.. Sooo not going to happen. So I bagged it. I decided while we were up there I would take my kids to see the Lodge at the ski resort since they had never been. Luck at this point happened to be on my side. Low and behold my good friend and photographer Sandra (Ignite Artistry:By Sandra Escareno) was there!! By this point Keplar was pretty sullen and remorse about not taking pictures and luckily Sandra agreed to take some for us!! (She's my Miracle for the Day!) :D We loaded up and went to the spot, and bless her heart it was not easy for her to move around because of a lovely little roller blade accident left her sore and bruised. Once there my kids were perfect little angels! It seriously took less than 10 mins and we done. I was even able to get some of my son too! Again luck would have it the snow began to fall and I knew I would be gushing over these images. Nothing makes me happier than being a Mother to my two crazy kids and a Wife to my awesome Husband. They are spunky and full of life. This just goes to show even the photographer needs a photographer!!! 

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