Friday, May 10, 2013

Bask in the light! {Family Child Couples Logan UT Photograrapher]

Spring time is upon us and summer is just around the corner here in Cache Valley. I'm loving having the golden sunsets back in the evenings and blue skies in the day.. Every photographer has their own style of developing and capturing images. I can just can't help but show off the sun in my pictures. I love the effects that it creates. I especially loved it with this family session, it created the right feel for what I was wanting. Its a tricky game of balance when you use sun flares in your lens. You don't want to completely wash/haze out the subject but you have to be able to tell it was meant to be there not just an accident. Just like everything else with photography some prefer it and some don't! It breaks all rules (which I love) for modern practices, but I love breaking the rules! So it works perfectly for me. Not every session needs to have sun flares in them. You can still capture rich warm golden tones with out them and still get beautiful effects.

All in all it comes down to personal opinion. Sometimes I love them sometimes I don't... hmmm.. .maybe a mood thing? Have you discovered your own style and what you prefer in your images yet?  I challenge you today to find out what you like and really look to see what style you have created in your recent images! Do you like it? Do you want to change it? Do you love it!? Why do you love it? Does it tell a story or create emotion? This is just a fun little exercise for you to try out. Its amazing what you can learn about yourself when you take a step back to look!!

Have a happy Friday! Now enjoy some beautiful images from a recent family session!! And remember bask in the light!!



  1. Great work Mandy! The last two are my absolute favorite!!!

    1. Thank you Ashley! They are mine as well !!!