Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peyton {Newborn, Child, Salt Lake City, Logan, UT Photographer}

It has always been said "That once a child is born so is the mother, you can't have one without the other." Yes this is so true! If you are a mother then you know very well the emotions of cradling your newborn babe in your arms for the very first time. That is a priceless moment that you will never forget regardless if it is your first or your 5th. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I felt when I held on tight to my first born child. It was so overwhelming to love someone so instantly in a split second my life had changed and my heart had grown bigger. Then after my second child was born that love intensified ten fold! What an amazing gift little babies are and especially when they grow up. They are like a fire to the soul and heart your love for them will always burn bright!!

I'm sure Keith and Maddie felt the same way as I did, an overwhelming sense of love they never knew existed before they held their darling little girl. So without further ado it is my privilege to present this little angle!!

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