Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Time in the Valley {Cache Valley Family, Children, Wedding Photographer}

Friday morning I dropped the kids off at school and headed up to Green Canyon in North Logan. Last week we have had rain storms for a few days so in between storms I took advantage of the break in the storm. It was amazing all around the valley. I grabbed some pictures of the Wellsville mountains and then head up the canyon. The leaves started turning early this year. We didn't have much water all summer so the colors aren't as red and vibrant as they were last year but they are still just as beautiful. The leaves are only starting to change so the next couple of weeks it may tell a different story. In the mean time I will enjoy these colors for a little while longer. I love fall. It reminds me of sweaters, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, spooky stories, and cuddling by the fire place.

 I love the low hanging clouds ins this image, This being early in the morning it felt so calming to be up there in the quite.

I love the leaves !!

 Like I said before I headed up the valley I took a few minutes to capture the whole valley. I love the clouds in this picture. The shadows are perfect over the city. Cache Valley is truly beautiful.
The above picture is what I got before I went into the canyon and the below is when I came back out an hour later. The change was pretty.

Close up of the Wellsville Mountains. :) 

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