Friday, October 4, 2013

Giggles, Jumps, and Soccer Balls {Logan Utah Milestone, Children, Young Adult, Family Photographer}

Best Friends
It's the sound of two laughing girls,
A whispering of secrets.
The smiles that never fade from summers games,
Suntan lines and skinned up knees.
Someone who will love you as you are,
These will always be their favorite memories.
by: Me

Sarah and Sarah what a pair. Two of a kind, with blonde hair!
 Summer days were here and gone,
 Good bye to warm sunshine and bright golden sun.
Season change and seasons come,
but never without an ounce of fun!
Laughter and giggles is all you hear with these two near,
Not one moment of life gone wasted.
Soccer balls or movie nights or playing games, staying up all night,
Childhood goes by to quick, soon you will grow up and be to hip.
Find joy in the seasons that come and go,
One day you will look back, and ask where did the time go?
Friendships like these can always be one of life's simple remedies.
That fill your heart with joy once more,
Your friend she will always be!
by: Me

Why all the poems you ask? I have no idea other then these girls reminded me of how me and my sister Amy were growing up. The first poem I wrote when I was in 9th grade. I added a couple more lines to it because it seemed so fitting for these two. My best friend growing up was always my sister Amy. Being only a year apart and the same age for 5 days..hehehe.. we were extremely close. Through the good and the bad my best friend she has always been!!  

This session was a lot of fun to do with these girls. First of all I don't know what I would have done without Sarah (pink shirt) this summer! While I was out taking pictures she spent a lot of time watching my kids. They love her to death and look forward to having her come over and stay with them while I'm gone. She has been such a life saver for me this year! I cannot thank you enough Sarah!! I love you girly :) I'm thankful for her mom,  my sweet friend Abish for letting her do this. I know it took her away from her family when she was with mine and I'm so thankful for all that they do for me and my kidos. It was a huge stress off my mind. I tried many different things for my kids, but found they were happiest when at home. Which makes me happy then I don't have to hear them complain about me being gone and them wanting to be home. ;)

I hope as you look through these images that they will take you back to a time in your childhood and maybe your memories of you and your best friend. :)

Sarah and my Kyly girl!
Love, Mandy 

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