Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taneshia, Senior 2014, Mountain Crest {Senior Portraits, Wedding Photographer, Logan Utah}

Talk about a fun afternoon at the lake!! Late September the colors are beautiful in the sky and go figure the wind was kicking up a bit as well.. but I loved it!! Taneshia is so beautiful and trusted me completely with this session. Which I am grateful for because it couldn't have been more beautiful. As you will see from the suntanned beauty she absolutely loves the water and life gaurded all summer at the Logan aquatic center among her many talents she also loves cheerleading for Mountain Crest High School. She will be finishing up her senior year there in just 9 days? Right Nesh? :)) She is one happy girl! Then will be graduating with her class late May. 

 Taneshia chose to do a session at Bear Lake because of the history she has their. She spent many, many summers with her family on these shores fishing, camping, playing and swimming. It was so much apart of her life she always wanted to remember it. I know we all have places like this that remind us of home and family. It was truly a treasure to get to spend the evening there with her reminiscing about past childhood days. Taneshia is a beautiful, strong, and capable young women ready to take on the world!! :) 

There will be additional session with Taneshia, watch for them too!! 

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