Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bohemian Inspired Theme {Logan Utah Wedding Photographer}

It's the new thing to have a trendy stylized wedding. Today's modern Bride is always looking for unique touches to add to her big day. For those brave enough to create a stylized engagement and wedding theme you may want to consider doing bohemian.  It has it own appeal and charm. Bohemian trends are everywhere from clothing, to accessories making it readily available and inexpensive. This look can easily be created for engagement shoots and weddings. We used old antique trinkets, suitcases, trunk, and kettles along with a long piece of satin lace nestled in a cozy area surrounded by trees to complete our bohemian theme shoot.  Stylized, vintage engagement sessions are the "IN" this year! Don't forget to make this time in your life special and something that will most reflect you and your groom! 
~ Mandy :) 

THANK YOU!! to my totally amazing models for helping me create this theme shoot! You both are amazing to work with!!
Hollie Hunter
Duncan Graham

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