Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burr Family { Logan UT Family, Children, Couples, Weddding Photographer}

Cassy and Jason are just those kind of people who are the kind of friends you always want to have around. Lucky for me I get to be around them alot!! They are both amazing in so many ways. Cassy and I spend a lot of time together for our church callings and it is the best! I love her like a sister and have learned so much from her and her example. Jason I know if I needed anything he would be right there to help in any way. I have learned friends like these are far between and you cherish them when you find them. So it wasn't to any surprise that we planned thier family session around a camping trip up in Smithfield Canyon late August. We did get rained on but it was alot of fun!! After we were done taking pictures we gathered around the campfire with the rain steadily coming down, cooked tin foil dinners, and roasted marshmallows. I think my kids were getting tired by that time so we packed up and headed down the canyon to home... hahaa.. that was a first!! It was a good time though even in the rain. Friends make everything bright regardless of the weather!! :)

This family is the cutest ever! I can't believe how much they are all growing a changing. Oh and make sure you spot the family dog in there too! hahaha.. It may or may not be chewing on someones hand!! LOL

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