Friday, October 25, 2013

Zac, Preston High School Senior {Senior, Portraits, Idaho, Utah, photographer}

Zac was a privilege to work with! This young man definitely has some talent on the soccer field! It was just so perfect that the weather stayed fair although cold, for his session. Your senior year is one of the biggest milestones you achieve in your life. I believe that it must be captured to reflect the senior and their accomplishments during their years in high school. Not only is it a time for the student to reflect but also for the parents. Parents will look back on the last 12 years (that is starting to sound so small!) and reflect on the life of their child and all the memories they made together. Thank you Laura and Zac for choosing me to capture this time for all of you! Best of luck Zac, this year will be an incredible one for you! :) 
I had a great time working with you!! 

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